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The Fuzzy Kitten Approach to Marketing

Cute KittenWe all love cute fuzzy kittens. We love to pet them, squeeze them, hold them, cuddle with them. We love to watch them play. We laugh at their sillyness and make “awww” sounds at nearly everything they do. So how do we capture the allure of kittens for our marketing?

1. Are you cute?

Does your blog look good? Is it visually appealing? Is your Twitter avatar something that draws your eye and is nice to look at? Making your social profiles, website and blog visually appealing is important. Your content could be amazing but if your site looks horrible no one will stay to read. Part of what we love about kittens is that they are cute and pleasing to look at. Keep up your appearance, they are your first impression.

2. Are you fuzzy?

Do I want to pet you? Not literally of course. But do I want to dig into your content. Do I want to run my fingers through your words. Do I want to spend time languishing with your blog?Playful Kittens

3. Are you playful?

Does your blog have a personality? Is it funny? sassy? energetic? Are you tweets full of humor and sarcasm? Or are you all business? People like to discuss business but they also like to have fun. Make sure that you have balance.

4. Can you sleep anywhere?Sleeping Cat

Kittens will sleep anywhere. The will pass out in the crook of your arm or hanging off the side of a chair. They adapt to any environment and continue with their business. How do you adapt to changes in technology and in the industry?  Are you able to adapt to the updates or are you still hoping that Friendster makes its big return?

5. Are you a kitten?

If kittens are one thing, they are kittens. What do I mean? Well, they are true to their nature. When you look at your blog or your Twitter, are you working towards your main message or are you trying to fill too many roles. Many people try to be too many things for too many people. If you started a blog on knitting, you do not also need to be a video editor expert. Keep your focus and be really good at being you.

row of kittens