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The Mobile Marketing Domination [Infographic]

iPhones sell quicker than babies are born these days. Cell phones are owned more than toothbrushes. And 54% of these phones are smart phones. The increasing popularity of mobile usage has climbed by 70% in 2012. Yet, as these numbers continue to stagger upward, investments in mobile marketing still fall short of 2%.

So don’t forget that when you market for your company, you need to target mobile users as well so that when they shop or peruse the Internet, they can shop straight from their hands. Luckily for you, 4 out of 5 phone users use their smart phones to shop.

If you’re trying to sell, you need to create a hybrid between social media and smartphone usage. You want to err on the side of user-friendly. Mobile marketing also means that business employees can take advantage of mobile technology themselves. A great way to sell your product is to have an app with a large, green “Buy Now” button. It’s also helpful for customers to have an app that will give them the information they need fast. Customers want the fast-facts: a store’s physical location and proximity to them, price comparison and product information, coupons and product reviews. And don’t forget to link your mobile audience up with your already-existent social media websites! Mobile marketing has so much to offer:

Mobile marketing infographic

Ivan Serrano is a journalist and infographic specialist from Northern California. He enjoys covering topics such as global business, social media and tech. In his free time he likes getting lost in his photography and relaxing while catching up on his favorite “Bay Area” sports teams.