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Book Lauren to Speak

Lauren MacEwen speaking at the Girls in Tech conferenceLauren MacEwen is an experienced public speaker. She frequently speaks at conferences, giving workshops, seminars and participating in panels. She also participates in interview based blog radio shows and video interviews.

A few places Lauren has spoken:

  • Hotzone Conference in Houston – the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) national conference for emergency management providers.
  • Girls in Tech in Columbus, Ohio.
  • Emerge New Mexico
  • The HMI Board of Directors, delivering social media presentation.

Feedback from her presentations:

“She was really accessible. I liked that you took the time to explain the basics while you were talking about strategy”

“You were very professional, both in the presentation and in your appearance.”

“I really learned a lot. I feel like I have a lot to do and I feel inspired to do it”
-Girls in Tech

“I thought that running my campaign on Facebook would be really hard, but Lauren showed me some great tips to make is much easier and more effective”
-Emerge New Mexico

If you would like to have Lauren speak at your conference or give a workshop to your company, feel free to contact her.