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5 Tips for a Good Twitter Header

Your header is the most important elements of design on your Twitter profile after your avatar. It will have far more visibility than your background and now will be visible on both the profile on the main site and the mobile site. So now its time to get to the brass tacks, how do you design your Twitter header?

There are not too many options, you can chose to have black or white text and then a graphic. The graphic is where you get to flex your creative muscle.


1. Don’t make it too cluttered. Remember that most people will be viewing this from a smart phone, which is small.

2. Don’t put too much text. People are not going to spend a lot of time reading your header. In fact, there is already text on it from your profile description. Keep your text simple and easy to read.

3. Remember that Twitter headers are now responsive, so depending on what device, or screen resolution your viewer is using, it will change the positioning of text or images.

4. Check how your header looks on the main site as well as the mobile, there can be some shifting when you view it from a smaller screen.

To help you create a good Twitter header, you can use this template. Just right click and save as. Make sure that it is sized at 1500 x 500.