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5 Tips for a Good Twitter Header

Your header is the most important elements of design on your Twitter profile after your avatar. It will have far more visibility than your background and now will be visible on both the profile on the main site and the mobile site. So now its time to get to the brass tacks, how do you […]

Inorganic Social Media: Buying Reviews

Your restaurant might be guaranteed organic, but your reviews might not be! Gone are the days when social media was guaranteed organic. When you could count on feedback and opinions being the genuine article, and when a friend gave a good product review it was because they stood behind the product. Gone are the days […]

The Mobile Marketing Domination [Infographic]

iPhones sell quicker than babies are born these days. Cell phones are owned more than toothbrushes. And 54% of these phones are smart phones. The increasing popularity of mobile usage has climbed by

Just for Writers: Social Media Plugins and Tools

Some links to help with your blogging. Google Analytics Google Analyticator - easily installs google analytics with the fuss of meta tags and a huge number of verification steps that never seem