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The Mobile Marketing Domination [Infographic]

iPhones sell quicker than babies are born these days. Cell phones are owned more than toothbrushes. And 54% of these phones are smart phones. The increasing popularity of mobile usage has climbed by 70% in 2012. Yet, as these numbers continue to stagger upward, investments in mobile marketing still fall short of 2%. So don’t […]

Using Google Plus for Your Business [Infographic]

When it comes to utilizing the Google Plus platform within the B2B community, many will argue about its relevancy, and whether or not it should play a key role in a B2B marketing strategy. While some companies may still be convinced that Google+ is just like any other social network, they often rethink their assumption […]

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Just for Writers: Social Media Plugins and Tools

Some links to help with your blogging. Google Analytics Google Analyticator - easily installs google analytics with the fuss of meta tags and a huge number of verification steps that never seem

Twitter for small business

The Twitter Prowess: Underrated Techniques for Small Businesses

Some rights reserved by mkhmarketing We’ve all witnessed how social media has evolved to meet the demands of business acumen and operations. Twitter, for example, used to serve as a text messaging