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Google+ making the jump?

Article first published as Google+ Making the Jump? on Technorati.

The big question about Google+ has been will they make it. When a new technology comes out they go through a adoption cycle from inception to worldwide domination. This is called the technology curve. The concept is pretty easy. It starts with innovators who design the product. The early adopters try it out. The early majority bring it into mainstream. Late majority are the ones who pick it up after everyone else has tried it and the laggards are the last people to pick it up. On this curve, there is a little space, a chasm is you will, that is the determining factor as to whether a product makes it or not.  Crossing the chasm is the biggest challenge a new technology faces.

Technology Curve

This is the best technology curve I have yet to see. It made me laugh.

Google+ has been standing on the edge of this cliff for a while now. People keep asking if they are going to successfully make the leap. There is a good chance of it.

Often times landing your jump to the early majority requires the involvement of influential people. Getting someone who has a wide following and who looks to them for guidance on their tech to adapt your technology and then endorse it is like making he jump with a big parachute.

Well, Chris Brogan is often considered one of those people. He is essentially the father of social marketing and has been carving the path for the rest of us for a decade. Many people in social media look to him for trends and guidance. Well, guidance is something Brogan frequently offers. He just recently endorsed Google+ on his blog. He explains how to best use it and tells everyone to go and sign up. He even offers a solution to the “invite only” issue.

With endorsements from people like Brogan, it is very likely that Plus will make the leap and have a safe landing on the other side.