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Just for Writers: Social Media Plugins and Tools

Some links to help with your blogging. Google Analytics Google Analyticator - easily installs google analytics with the fuss of meta tags and a huge number of verification steps that never seem to work. Trust me, this is one you want to use. Social Media measurement: Google Analytics is wrong - Read this blog to understand why […]

Twitter for small business

The Twitter Prowess: Underrated Techniques for Small Businesses

Some rights reserved by mkhmarketing We’ve all witnessed how social media has evolved to meet the demands of business acumen and operations. Twitter, for example, used to serve as a text messaging service for businessmen to target their market. Since then, the social network has undergone a series of overhauls – features and design-wise – […]


Easy Organization: Helpful Smartphone and Tablet Apps That Help With Organization and Productivity

Remember when smartphones first hit the market? We all just had to have one - for work, of course. Everyone went on and on about how much more productive they would be and how life would be

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Choosing the right platform for your email newsletters

So. Your new website is up and it is absolutely beautiful. It has all the bells and whistles to enable you to conquer the world. Right? Now that you have the easy part done, what’s next? Now you have